Friday, November 17, 2006

Age Transform

Today a friend show me a funny applet that change our face. With this you can see yourself as you would look if you were for another race as Asian, Caucasian, Afro-Caribean, or you can look yorself across the time as little baby, a child, a young adult or a older adult. Other kind of transformations are also allowed, change to a feminine face or a ape face :S... Even to painter styles as Modigliani, El greco, Boticcelli and Manga. I upload a picture with my face, I start to look at the past, the little baby and the young child were little distant from what I have been on these periods, but the older man. Well, the old man look as my father today, and it was really amazing, because it's very probably that I'll seem to my father in the future, once I have his DNA, it's obvious. For me, just this aspect give credibility to the software, It was impossible the applet know my father, and once the transformation show me as him... So guys, for who wants to have a future preview's it can be a cristal ball. Some people says that it's just a simple aproximation, but when I transform my face some years older... I could see my father picture's, yes man, it's really probably that some 30 years more I'll look as my father today.


Flávia Solís said...

Why don't you show us how to do this?

El Titiritero said...

There is:

root said...

damn mario! hahah that's creepy hahaha i'd rather wait another 40years to look myself in the mirror! :P