Monday, March 12, 2007

Grützi Miteinander!

Once more here in Zuri. First time married. First time with my wife. Different of the last times I'm not in a hotel, but we are in a furnished apartment, what is really better. Hotels are goos to stay until 1 week, if you need stay more than that, it becames really boring. People will say that in a hotel you have all services ready for you, but I say that you have not choise there. If you are in an apartment, you still can go diner in a restaurant every nights, or stay in home and do something simple, cheap and easy. And of Course, you have much more space. Switzerland is a nice country, people are attencious and polite... many times they are shy. The work is not so hard as before, and we have time to do some tours arround the city and the country. Well, living in Switzerland is easy, you don't have much things to worry about. Just the oil for the heating, and remember to follow correctly the rules and laws to avoid a fine, we forgot about it, and we received a fine for parking in a wrong place. So, don't do it.