Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What it bothers.

Few days ago, I was lunching with some job mates, nothing special, beans, rice, meat... While we are discussing about the elections, I felt over my right shoulder a strong touch, it was the reality calling me, in the form of a little poor and hungry girl. She ask to me: "Hey, give you me a money!", cold and dry like this, she didn't ask to me, she charged me. I started to think: Should I give her money, and just forget this incident? Should I just ignore her? Should I just ignore hers eyes, her charging, the charging from millions of others? I look to the others, and them I ask her: "Do you want food?", yes, I know, stupid question, off course she wants food, and she answered me in voice low "Yes.". I ask to her sat down and she asked for anything she wanted. She order a take way lunch, I saw her mother so miserable as her, she start to ask also for the food remaining. The waiter wanted banishes them, They bothered them. They bothered the candidates, the president, the governor and the senators. They bothered my job mates, the other customers. It exist who believes that these girls are the great minority of Brazilian, maybe who believes they could find a good job, have people that will tell they are lazy girls. I think they were answering us "while we and others like us exists over this poor country, riches will not be so riches, the green and the yellow on our flag will be dirty with they suffering." Who will change it?