Thursday, October 19, 2006

Helsinki club

I found some old videos that I thought it was lost. They were from my old mobile phone which I lost here in SP in january. It wasn't bad the videos! well, here we have Melissa,a nice singer, in a august night inside the good Helsinki club in Zürich, cheap and good.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Under the Lie empire

It's known that in a war the True is the first thing to die. Well, we're living now a kind of war, We can go deeply inside the lie's darkness, or we can fight to keep at least the freedom and democracy for what so many died in the past. We cannot allow a government full of corruption, lies and any nation's commitment keep untouchable in Brasilia. I hope brazilian people be able to see what are really happened, unfortunately I saw it before when I was inside the political moviments on the University, how this group, that call themselves as leftists, fight so strongly with the Lie as a main weapon. They aren't fair, they really believe that the aims justify the ways. The question is what are their real goals?

South america lives a new populist wave, some governing believes that they are people protectors and the only persons able to guide them. This kind of people base their power in lies that justify most of time their not democratic actions. And suddenly, the democracy and freedom die under applauses from these same people and none knows how much blood and pain will cost recover it again.